"Natures treasure chest........"
Aurum Acres Farm

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Aurum Acres ® 642 Route 119 WestFitzwilliam,NH 03447       www.aurumacres.com               
        ----- NEWS UPDATE-----

​                March 7, 2016
  We have new kids!!  (goat babies) 
  They were born on Feb. 4th and are
   great for 4-H or back yard pets. 
   Expecting more kids in the spring. 
​   Our kids are very domesticated from
   being loved and snuggled so much.

   EASTER SEASON..........




Welcome to our home...
Thank you, God, for Your Goodness and Your Grace
  We moved here, to New Hampshire in April of
2011. Our desire was to live a  simple, natural 
life style.  It is very beautiful here. The air feels
clean and healthy when taking in a deep breath.
Surrounded by forest, there is an enveloping of
silence and peace which brings about a nice
level of calmness. A perfect atmosphere for quiet prayer and for raising children wholesomely.

  We knew that we desired to be more self-
sufficient.  We began gardening and our garden
has grown larger every year, adding more healthy, 
hardy vegetables.  We are learning how to plant
throughout the season which extends production.
We have fence systems with 2 chicken coops,
a buck house, and a larger barn that houses our
does and miniature potbelly pigs.   Without 
intension, we realized that we had become a
farm.  "Go, with Faith and a full robust of heart, where you are lead."  So here we are,farming.
Enjoying every bit!

   We love our dogs.  Without hesitation, they give
to us the ultimate meaning of complete loyalty and
unconditional love.  It is a pleasure for us to be able to share this joy with other families through
the puppies we home raise.  This is another 
reason we needed more space. 

   In this new life style of  simple, natural, and 
quiet, it seems much easier to be family focused.
As we spend most of our time working, playing, learning, laughing, and conversing together, my sincere hope and prayer is to strengthen our family bond. This is, undoubtedly, the most important reason we are here ........                          God bless you!