"Natures treasure chest........"
Aurum Acres Farm

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"What makes you think I  was peeking in the garbage ?"
How beautiful this was.The winter 
snow reaching forward to kiss the
brilliant colors of fall.  God's most
unique art work......
                  This is a bliss-ard
Best pillow ever!!
​ Our son, William, and company.
Daughter, Catherine, her
husband, Gus
with their
daughter, Kamaya and son, Taj...
 Our Grandson, Pierce.
 Our Grandaughter, Myra
  Daria, with Grandchildren,
  Wyatt and Kamaya.

Bogdan, Myra, and Daria
 Our Grandson, Gage.
This is my wonderful husband, "Billy" (Bill just never fit). He is the one without the white fur, except for just a little bit on the top of his head.  He is also known as "Papa."

NOTE:  Dogs and puppies are a natural part of our household....
 Our son, Bryce, teaching a  
 puppy  computer skills.

Thank you, God, for Your goodness..
  Daria and Bogdan are
the youngest of our 8
  Our daughter, Colie, with Bogdan
 Lyna and Bogdan studying together.
Son, Shane, his wife, Sarah with their daughters
Greta and Tahlulah
   A Fun Day On The Farm