"Natures treasure chest........"
Aurum Acres Farm

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The sight of a puppy instantaneously brings about excitement and an automatic desire to hold them.  As they melt into your arms,  you are completely blanketed with joy and, for that little while,  the difficulties of the day are nonexisting.  Where there is a puppy, there is almost always a smile.   It is one of the brief moments that we are invited to know God's abundant love for us.  All things were created by Him as gift for us.
Thank you, God, for Your goodness..
      July 2013 litter
  This is Morgan.  Her mom is one of our English Cream Goldens and her dad is a light Golden.  She is a beautiful blonde color.  Morgan is only 8 months old so her feathers have not yet grown in completely.  
  Rosebud  (purple)
   Angie  (pink)
   Stoli  (orange)
   Brody  (green)  
   Bodie  (tan)
   Harley   (black)
   Maverick  (dark blue)
   Roscoe  (light blue)
​  June 2015 litter.  All 8 puppies happy and doing great!!!